The Hottest Cell Phone You Need To Own RIGHT NOW!

What’s up guys? Welcome to Gadget Crave. Today I’m gonna rap at ya about the newest cell phone on the market (as of 11 years ago) and definitely the hottest phone you’ll hold in your hands all year. Of course, I’m talking about the Nokia 2600!

Tracfone (1)

We got our hands on a test model before it goes to market. Lucky us. This is a thing of beauty! Nokia has really outdone themselves this time. The industrial design just screams, “Pick me up and play with me!”

Just look at those sexy curves.  Seriously, a lot of thought went into the design here. The plastic casing is finely molded and feels perfect in the hand. The buttons are placed in exactly the right place so that your thumb can hit them every time without fail.

The screen is one of the biggest we’ve ever seen. At 128 x 128 pixels, it can handle just about anything you want to throw at it. And do you think we’re going to give it all we got in this review? Uh, yeah, duhhhh!

You are going to be shocked by how light this thing is: 3.3 ounces! With something that light, you could just toss it in your pocket. After all, that’s where the phone goes! Then, when someone calls you, it can either ring, or you can set it on “Vibrate” mode, which creates a buzzing sound that’s actually louder than the normal ring, making sure that you never miss a call.

Don’t believe me? Check out this video!

But we can’t judge a book by its cover! Let’s take a look at what this pretty little thing can do.

Once you hold down the power button for three seconds, it powers on, and Nokia’s animated graphic takes center stage in full color! Yes, I said it was animated AND in color! It’s also supposed to play music when you start it up, but this one didn’t. That’s okay!

Tracfone (14)

Right away, we can tell this is a phone. You can immediately enter any phone number and call it! But entering all those digits is time-consuming, in case you didn’t notice! But Nokia has a solution. The 2600 has a built-in Contacts list! Now you only have to select Options, click down to Contacts, and either search for a name or scroll through the names, click the name, and then click Call!

“But how does the phone know about my Contacts?” That’s easy. You simply enter them! See, the numerical keypad also doubles as an alphabetical keypad. If you want to enter a phone number for your friend David, all you do is click New Contact, press 2, wait a second, press 1, wait a second, press 7 twice, wait a second, press 3 three times, wait a second, press 2 again, and hit enter. That’s code for “david.” Then you just enter David’s phone number and save it!

Do you “text”?

Well, Nokia has got you covered in more ways than you could possibly imagine! There is an entire Messages Center on this phone with a simple text editor using, as I said earlier, the alphanumeric keypad. In just 60 seconds, I typed up this message for all of you readers!!

Tracfone (7)

What’s up?

But that’s not all. Aren’t you tired of sending messages that are just plain text? Well the 2600 has the ability to send pictures to your friends inside of text messages! Yes, there are 10 pictures loaded on this phone, and you can send any of them for no extra charge. Here are some of your choices:

Tracfone (8)

This one shows a nervous guy getting a phone call. It looks important. Maybe someone died!




Tracfone (9)

This one is a picture of money, which you can send to all of your Ridinkulous friends because we all love money, riiiiiiight??



Tracfone (10)

This picture shows a sub-compact car driving fast by a dog house. I don’t know why you’d send this to anyone.



And talk about personalization. In all of these screenshots, you’ve just been seeing the 2600 with the wallpaper that I chose, but there are over 30 other wallpapers to choose from! There are wallpapers to fit every mood and personality.

Let’s say you’re a cool dude who likes to listen to CDs on vintage headphones…

Tracfone (12)

Are you the top athlete in school? Do you like nothing more than being active with the team? Then you could show your team spirit with this graphical soccer-themed background.

Tracfone (11)

Just because this phone seems like it’s super-capable doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun, too. We were shocked at the number of games that the 2600 came pre-loaded with! There are three: Bounce, Mobile Soccer, and Millennium Mission.

Tracfone (2)


Tracfone (4)

As you can see from this screenshot, the games on the 2600 take full advantage of the color screen. I wasn’t able to figure out the controls of Mobile Soccer (Hell, I didn’t even know which team I was supposed to be) but that didn’t stop me from enjoying these intense swathes of color!

Tracfone (5)

Hey, who wants to go on a tour of outer space? Uh, no thanks, I think I’ll skip it, because Millennium Mission is just as vibrant and probably 100 times more fun! Catch me in line at the bank on my phone, shooting space rocks and avoiding the dreaded space wall!

Tracfone (6)

Maybe you also noticed that this phone’s minutes are measured in something called “units.” They’re basically the same thing as minutes, but it sounds proprietary and exclusive so it feels cooler to use! Get ready to compare with your friends how many “units” you have left!

What about ports? I can tell you that this phone comes with two. Well, actually one of them is for the power cord, and I don’t know what the other one is for, but it’s round.

Tracfone (13)

All these things add up to one disruptive cell phone. Motorola, Samsung, Sanyo and other industry leaders had better pay attention, because Nokia is about to eat your lunch!

But wait, there’s One More Thing…

This isn’t just a cell phone… It’s a watch.

Glance at this beautiful device at any time, and you will know what time it is.

Tracfone (15)

11:24. BAM!

This cell phone is going to take the market by storm! So you had better get in line now before supplies run out!

Will you be upgrading to the Nokia 2600 this season?


  1. Pretty tempting stuff.

    We have a phone even more basic than that. We just have a prepaid in case of roadside emergencies or if we need to call the cable company about an Internet outage. We’re home all day, every day, so we don’t need anything cooler. Much as my husband may protest otherwise.

    Also, apparently, the phone is so cool, it’s in the future. You have 2016 in the date.

    • Norm

      August 11, 2015 at 7:12 pm

      I guess it does say 2016! That might be the expiration date of the “units.” I’m surprised it’s Y2K compliant.

      It’s all I need. I’ve used my phone this year more than I have in the past ten years or whatever since I’ve had it. But still have probably made/received less than 20 calls so far this year.

  2. I scrolled past this post at first – I didn’t get what it was about in the first few paragraphs. Then I clicked on something else and something else and decided to read this after all.

    I am literally crying, this is so funny! I am old enough to remember when this was THE phone to have. Sigh, I never did possess this technological wonder…

    • Norm

      August 13, 2015 at 11:29 pm

      Thanks for reading Gadget Crave, Mrs. 1500! I’m sorry you never got to have your very own 2600. I would sell you mine, but I have a feeling me and this little guy will be together for a long time!

  3. This phone looks great, I want it. My current phone doesn’t even have color, the only game I can play is ‘snake’ and it weighs a ton.
    If Nokia can keep producing these futuristic wonders, they could one day become a 1 trillion $ company! 🙂

    • Norm

      August 15, 2015 at 11:40 pm

      I agree! Those buttons are just so small and easy to click! With the 2600 they are on a real hot streak. Buy buy buy!

  4. Games 😉 Milenium Mission, Bounce :’D

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