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If you own a so-called “exotic” animal, this is a special report you must read!

Rabbits must be one of the easiest animals to take care of. They need a little space to hop around, food and water, paper to destroy, and they are happy. Of course, it’s easy to go overboard…

Bunny condo fit for a king bunny

DIY bunny condo fit for a bunny king

For the curious, I built this excellent rabbit condo based on plans from the guy at

What we discovered early on with our first rabbit, Otis, is that since rabbits aren’t as common as dogs and cats, they get categorized as “small mammals” at best, or “exotic” animals at worst. There isn’t much exotic about rabbit. You might have some living in your backyard! But it’s this specialty label that gets applied to them that lets pet products companies charge you more. “Your pet is out of the ordinary, therefore you need special products for them,” the thinking must go.


We adopted Otis in 2005, and we made sure to get all the fixins for his house. First, a big cage to run around in, bedding for the cage, food, toys, a water bottle, and litter.

First off, the bedding was unnecessary. Otis would just push it all out of the way so he could lie on the plastic bottom of the cage. And what we’ve found is that rabbits are super destructive. If your rabbit really wants bedding, they’ll make it! There’s no need to buy it. Hand them a stack of newspaper or a phone book and they will shred it up until their whole house is full of shreddings.

Phoebe and the worm

Otis and his friend Phoebe

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