Big news today. We’re launching a new product in the Ridinkulous lineup. It’s not related to personal finance at all..

Say hello to Seinopsis, the Seinfeld podcast!

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Marge and I have always loved Seinfeld. Even to this day, if it’s on, we’ll leave it on and watch an episode we’ve seen nine times before. In a previous life, Marge and I were broadcasters on a college radio station. Hosting a mostly music radio show was one of my favorite things I’ve ever done, and after college, we tried to re-create it by hosting the show in podcast form. That lasted nearly 100 episodes until it petered out. Since I was heading up the technical side, recording, editing and posting a 30-60 minute podcast wasn’t nearly as fun as hosting a radio show which was live, could feature all the music I wanted and where listeners could call in.

But I still liked the idea of podcasting. If only there was a way to make it easier to produce! So one day, after Marge had been doing her embroidery work while Seinfeld was on, she tried to explain the episode that was on. And as she recounted each bizarre plot point and storyline, I said, “This would make a good podcast.” Watching a sitcom is one thing, but hearing someone tell the story of sitcom is a different thing entirely. Watching a sitcom, you suspend your disbelief and buy that it’s the real world. But hearing about a sitcom, especially one as idiosyncratic as Seinfeld, it might as well be a science fiction fantasy novel. It’s insane.

On, each episode of Seinopsis, Marge will explain a different episode of Seinfeld to you. They’ll be short and sweet. The episodes won’t be in order, of course, because who watches sitcoms in order? This isn’t The Sopranos. I am putting a link to the Seinopsis blog in the menu. The blog will be there mostly to host the MP3 files, but we might put other Seinfeld and Seinopsis-related stuff there. Go to there and subscribe!

New episodes go up every Thursday, and if you don’t know why we picked Thursday, you probably shouldn’t be listening to the show anyway.