Debt Progress

While debt paydown was our priority for a while, it has now taken a backseat to retirement saving.

Current Total Debt: $171,900.48

Last updated: September 9, 2017

Current Totals

Home Mortgage $56,722.88
Rental Mortgage $91,668.86
Home Equity Line of Credit $23,508.74
Student Loans $0
Total Debt $171,900.48


We bought our house in January 2009 for $130,000, with a $26,000 down payment.  We refinanced not once, but twice (interest rates would not stop dropping after the financial crash). We are hoping to pay this off in 2019 or 2020.

Rental Mortgage & HELOC
We took out a mortgage and a home equity line of credit in July 2015 for most of the down payment on a rental property. This is great for establishing a new cash flow, but it sure does increase debt. It is a 15 year mortgage, and we are hoping to have it all paid off in 2022.

Car Loan
We paid off our 2013 Toyota Corolla in December 2015.

Student Loans
We finally paid them off on Memorial Day, 2016. A few years early!



  1. Thanks for the excellent insight into your progress. I wish more bloggers and writers would share real numbers related to their progress on savings or debt reduction. Nice work!

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